This is the web site for Kee Vault Ltd and all associated software we develop.

Notable software includes the Kee Vault service available at https://keevault.pm and the browser extensions that are available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Kee Vault Ltd is a UK based company founded by Chris Tomlinson in 2018.

Chris Tomlinson, the Owner/Director and Lead Developer of Kee Vault Ltd has 20 years of commercial software development experience and has been developing secure Open Source software to aid password management for over a decade. Apart from the password management software now included under the Kee Vault Ltd brand, Chris has previously developed and managed the development of desktop and web applications used by millions of people. These applications and websites supported the aims of environmental charities and the UK National Health Service.

To ensure we never lose sight of the company’s goals, we have formalised a statement of the vision, mission and values that guide us.


Allow everyone on Earth to secure their digital world without giving up their privacy.


Enable easy and secure management of passwords while ensuring sensitive information never reaches us, or anyone except the information owner.


  • People come first - without considering them, nothing can be secure.
  • Security throughout everything we do.
  • Profits utilised to achieve the mission, not line shareholder’s pockets.

It’s early in our company’s history so you can expect a few tweaks to the above statements as we refine and clarify the underlying intent of each statement.

Mailing address

There is a legal requirement for every UK company to have a physical postal address, even though we don’t use it for providing our services. Ours is:

Kee Vault Ltd
27 Old Gloucester Street

Note that this address is only used for legally required government communication - see our contact page if you want to get in touch with us.

Our UK company number is 11595076.

Credits and miscellaneous notices

This section holds no inherent legal meaning but we hope you find the information and links useful for your research.


We host a page that details the hostnames related to our software and services.

Kee Vault Terms of Service

Kee Vault Privacy Statement

Kee browser extension privacy policy


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