Secure passwords, simply

Save time and hassle, sign in easily to the websites you use every day and never go through another password reset procedure.

Protect yourself and people you know from the nightmare of your accounts being hacked.

Kee Vault

Open Source with next-generation Argon2 security
Protects you, your family and friends against website hacks and data breaches
No more forgotten passwords and waiting for reset emails
Based on over a decade of password management software development
You remember one password, Kee Vault remembers the rest
We tick all the boxes! Read about even more benefits and features


Kee Vault comes in two versions:

  • Version 1 works on all modern devices and can be accessed from anywhere at
  • Version 2 works only on modern Android devices and is the recommended version to use on Android due to its additional features.

You can mix and match between both versions seamlessly and rest assured that both use the latest secure encryption technology. Version 2 is simply an upgraded version and a way for us to donate our software to those that can’t pay for a subscription, as per our pricing promise.

We’ve created a comparison of the main differences between the two versions at the bottom of our features page so check it out if you want more details.

Start securing your online world now! Register for a 30 day free trial (no payment details required).

Kee browser extension

Our free open source browser extension.

Secure and automatic login to all your favourite websites
Open Source with no adverts

Download for:

There is also a version available in the Microsoft Edge extension store which we have officially published. Unfortunately, a Microsoft bug has prevented us from keeping this up to date in the same way that we do with other browsers. We’re hopeful that one day they will listen to us and fix the problem but until then we can’t recommend the use of a browser that forces its users to use outdated security software.

KeePass Password Safe 2 plugin

As well as working with the Kee Vault multi-device service, the Kee browser extension can link with KeePass Password Safe 2 if you download and install it and the required KeePassRPC.plgx plugin. All the steps and links you need to do this are available on the community forum.

If you subscribe to our Kee Vault subscription you can even connect your Kee browser extension to both Kee Vault and KeePass Password Safe at the same time.

5 star average rating from Kee’s 50,000 regular users

There is a small selection below of the over 1000 positive reviews that have been written by Kee users.

  • 5Saves me a lot of time, and no more lost passwords. Perfect. 11 out of 10.
  • 5Simple to use and configure.
  • 5Best password manager ever!
  • 5This one addon is why I won’t give up Firefox. There’s nothing else out there like it.
  • 5One of the best addons I have ever used.

Other applications

Modern web browsers aren’t the only apps that can be enhanced by the Kee browser extension. You can find advice on how to use KeeBird and KeeFox (an old version of Kee) in Thunderbird and other older web browsers based on Mozilla Firefox in our community forum.