This page lists the public hostnames and domains that we operate. You can use this page as a reference to help infer the legitimacy of various links and statements. We will keep it up to date.

For the purposes of validating the accuracy of this information, the following will be useful:

  • We serve this page from the Netlify free CDN
  • We host the canonical version of this data on GitHub (Microsoft) at
  • While short-term differences between these sources could indicate an active update procedure or temporary caching, you should wait until both sources are in sync before trusting that no malicious modifications have been made on the CDN or between the CDN and your eyes.
  • This hosting process does not directly protect against malicious modification of the source data by GitHub (Microsoft) although in most cases such modification would be detectable by other means.

Check the @KeeVault twitter feed for any statements that cast doubt on the validity of this information.

Top Level Domains (i.e. the domains that we purchase from international internet domain registries) are marked in italics

Active hostnames:

  • - main Kee Vault Ltd website
  • - main Kee Vault app
  • - community forum
  • - Kee Vault account management website
  • - Interactive tutorial for the Kee browser extension (add-on)
  • - Kee Vault authentication, authorisation and account management services
  • - Kee Vault encrypted storage mediator service (note that the actual binary storage is typically hosted elsewhere such as on an Amazon AWS S3 hostname)
  • - Kee Vault customer support messaging service
  • - anonymous statistics server
  • - provides a random ID to the anonymous statistics server
  • - return address hostname for some emails we send
  • - Kee Vault account/password reset API
  • - internal administrative functions to aid with the secure handling of your email address when we send you a message
  • - incoming link redirector for shortening URLs - may redirect to hostnames on this page or elsewhere on the internet
  • - Kee Vault account subscription functionality

Defensive hostnames:

  • and - the old domain names for the KeeFox extension before it was renamed to Kee in 2017
  • - typo protection
  • - typo protection
  • - typo protection
  • - typo protection
  • - typo protection

Deprecated hostnames:

  • - anonymous stats collection endpoint for the old KeeFox browser extension
  • - tutorial pages for the old KeeFox browser extension

Previously owned domains:

  • - a defensive purchase to help protect early users of KeeFox from typos relating to confusion between and the KeeFox browser addon.
  • - a defensive purchase to help protect users of the old KeeFox browser extension from typos.
  • - a defensive purchase to help protect users of the old KeeFox browser extension from typos.

NB: Some of these may still technically be owned by us but they are marked for deletion when their current registration term ends and will never be used by us.