Kee Vault is a completely digital service and our priority is ensuring the security of your account and the data that you store within your private Vault. As such, we avoid enabling the use of older insecure communication methods such as phone, email and physical post.

For 99% of contact requirements, your needs will be met by our community forum - nearly all answers are already available there and any new questions will be given our highest attention to help you find a fast resolution to any query or suggestion. Not only can you receive public help from the Kee Vault team and other community members, but you can also discuss ideas for improvements with the whole community which will ensure that any potential changes to Kee Vault as a result of your ideas are well planned and of wide benefit to you and the entire community!

For any rare cases where you have questions that are unique to your Kee Vault account or for responsibly disclosing potential security problems, you can use the secure Messaging service that you can access after signing into your Kee Vault at

You may also find a phone number or physical snail mail address in some locations for legal compliance reasons but for your own security, we do not discuss your account or personal information through any method other than the secure Kee Vault app.