Why Beta?

Kee Vault v1 is no longer in a beta testing period. The issues listed below are for historical reference and may remain listed here even after they are resolved. The issues are considered to not be significant enough to prevent safe, secure and widespread use of Kee Vault.

Changes to your Vault from multiple locations in a short space of time may fail

Changes to your vault on one device may take up to an hour to appear in other devices that you are also logged in to. In most cases changes made in multiple places will be automatically synchronised but there is a small risk of data loss if you make changes to the same login entries within this time frame. We plan to reduce the time frame of this risk to just a few seconds in future but in the meantime you can work around the issue by either:

  • avoid making changes to your vault from different locations within a short timeframe
  • reload and re-login to the app on the 2nd and subsequent devices if you need to make changes within an hour of doing so on a different device.

Settings sync can be slow, sometimes losing the latest change

Kee Vault and browser extension settings that the app needs to synchronise across multiple devices can be delayed in some cases, potentially resulting in the very new version of the settings being lost. This could be especially problematic in the case of a very lengthy period of offline usage.

You can work around this by ensuring you save your Vault before going offline and making no changes to settings while offline.

Opening some Vaults can be slow

This is especially the case on mobile devices and with Vaults that contain hundreds of entries or have relatively weak master passwords.

You can work around this by checking in the settings for your Vault that you have a secure enough master password that the password security boost can be safely set to “Very low”.

Documentation and support

We’re working hard to develop any required documentation and improve the quantity and quality of our customer support but at this early stage we’re mostly interested in learning what pain points you experience so that we can focus on those first. Please join our community forum to help us understand how you’d like Kee Vault to improve!