We care deeply about helping everyone secure their passwords. Our company values hardwire this into everything we do.

Whenever those values align with an opportunity to offer our software for free we will do so, and the rest of the time we will price our software and services as generously as possible.

A subscription to support our work costs only £20 per year, although this slightly varies depending upon where and how you purchase your subscription. We can’t promise that these prices will never rise to take account of inflation but we have no plans to change these fees at the time of writing in 2023 (and obviously you would be free to cancel your subscription if we have to impose an increase upon you one day).

We don’t offer refunds on partially used subscriptions but considering the free Android app, free iOS app, web app demo, 30 day free trial and the cheap subscription price we think that’s fair.

We currently offer only one subscription plan but since some new features might cost us significantly more to run in the future, we may introduce additional plans one day so that we can cover the costs of developing and maintaining that feature while giving you the best possible value for money.

More on our pricing philosophy

We’ve always wanted to enable as many people as possible to benefit from great quality password management with no strings attached. The only way to do that while supplying an ongoing service is to require a small contribution from users towards the costs associated with that service.

“Free until we decide we have captured enough of your data to hold you to ransom”, “free because we overcharge a small portion of naive customers to subsidise you” or “free because we sell your personal data” are the most common strategies used by companies offering free services on the internet. No doubt there are companies that start out believing it’ll be different for them but it’s likely only a matter of time until the reality of mounting bills forces a change of strategy and it’s always you that suffers. Therefore we’ve always required a subscription from those users that benefit from the Kee Vault service and we are very grateful to all the people that share this vision.

With Kee Vault 2, we can offer an alternative approach for those who cannot afford to pay for the best quality password management service so we’re really pleased that we can donate the full Kee Vault app experience on Android and iOS without any account sign-up being necessary.

This is a cost to us - time to support some additional users and some extra development and maintenance of the app to enable the free service - but unlike with Kee Vault 1 there is no ongoing cost to us or other users when someone uses the free version of the app. This means we can confidently offer the app for free on Android and iOS without the risk of needing to break that promise in future.