Privacy and cookie policy

This policy applies only to the website*, NOT the products and services we offer.

Data collection and retention

This website does not collect any personal data.

Automatically collected data

As with the vast majority of web sites, the Kee website automatically logs information about every request made of it. This information is used for system administration, for bug tracking, and for producing anonymous usage statistics. The logged information may be kept indefinitely.

This anonymous data may on occasion be passed to the administrators of other computer systems/networks to enable investigation of abuse, problems accessing this site or misconfiguration. Otherwise the logged information is not passed to any third party except if required by law.


Cookies (small files stored on your computer’s hard drive) are not required by the Kee website but our anonymous site usage system (Matomo) may inadvertently send them from time to time as part of our efforts to improve the website. They don’t track anything about you so are safe to ignore. We try to configure all our services to work without cookies but since they are endemic to the internet, we have found bugs and software updates have a tendency to reintroduce them without our knowledge.

* i.e. this policy applies only to pages with canonical addresses beginning with (so addresses such as which immediately redirect elsewhere may have separate policies).