Benefits and Features

You remember one password and Kee Vault remembers the rest, securely and simply!

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Check out all the benefits below!
Save time
Avoid typing your passwords and waiting for reset emails.
Open Source protection
Unlike most password managers you can prove that your data is stored securely. You can trust us, but you don’t have to!
Different, extremely secure passwords for every website
When one website suffers a security breach, your other accounts will not be affected. This keeps you protected and saves time since you don’t have to change all of your passwords.
Instant unlock (Android only)
Prove it’s you by using your device’s fingerprint reader to get instant access to all your passwords without even needing to type in your Kee Vault master password. If you hate passwords this is a great feature!
Works offline
Need to view or update a PIN or password when you’ve got no network connection? No problem! Being able to make changes even while offline is a very rare feature we’re happy to offer you!
Android web browser integration
Automatically fill and save passwords for each website in Chrome or Firefox (and some other browsers).
Desktop web browser integration
Automatically fill and save passwords for each website using the Kee browser extension.
Use any modern device or web browser
Including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and others. Use as many devices as you want.
Latest security protection
Added protection from the latest Argon2 technology for greater protection than existing PBKDF2-based password managers.
Automatic security improvement
If your master password is not quite as strong as it could be, we’ll automatically enable increased protection for your Vault.
Generate strong passwords
Every password you use should be long and complicated; because Kee Vault remembers them for you, it can create very long and highly secure passwords for you.
Custom information storage
Store Wifi access codes, credit card details, PINs, secret notes and more. (In most cases, only the "username" and "password" can be automatically filled into other apps but you can copy/paste everything).
One Time Passwords
Use Kee Vault to store the TOTPs you now need for 2FA/MFA for lots of accounts - more secure than receiving SMS messages or emails and a huge improvement on signing-in with only a password for many online services.
Protection against mistakes
Old versions of each entry allow you to recover from accidents.
Securely attach small files
Maximum Vault size is 10MB; individual files may be limited to 250KB.
Protected (encrypted) standard format exports
It’s your data so you can save it in the standard password management format "KDBX" whenever you want.
Import from your old password manager
Including fully encrypted import from "KDBX" files. Other password managers may be supported but this varies between Kee Vault v1 and v2.
Manual Backups
Save a backup of your Vault whenever and wherever you want.
Secure and reliable remote storage
Your encrypted data is automatically backed up safely (not even we can access it!) so you’re protected against device failures, loss and theft.
30 day free trial
No payment details required.
Monthly payment option available
It costs more in the long-run but if you really need it, you can choose to pay £2 every month instead.
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Secure your online world now! 30 day free trial with no payment details required.

Or use the free version on Android from Google Play: Kee Vault on Google Play

Version 1 Version 2
Notable differences between Kee Vault versions
Web app
Register for a Kee Vault subscription account
Works both with and without a paid Kee Vault subscription
Change Kee Vault account password
Sign in with your fingerprint
Autofill into Android apps and websites on your Android
Connects with the Kee browser extension for website auto-fill
Installable on desktop computers, laptops and iOS devices
Quickly add OTPs by scanning the QR code with your camera
Send us a secure message about your account
Import from your old password manager
version 1 supports more data sources.
Web app Android

Subscribers to the Kee Vault Supporter plan get access to both versions so...