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New KeeFox user interface design

With KeeFox 1.3 now released* and Firefox’s long-delayed redesign only a couple of months away, I’m currently working on a new way for you to interact with KeeFox.

There are a lot of details still to be finalised but the headline is that the toolbar will be replaced with a single button and all KeeFox features will be found in that one place.

I’m posting this article to explain how you can contribute your ideas and suggestions to help shape the final look and feel of KeeFox 1.4.

We still don’t know exactly when the new Firefox interface will be launched but it could be as early as the 29th of April so we need to complete work on KeeFox 1.4 very quickly. I’m therefore looking for questions and contributions over the next 3 weeks and I hope that within 6-8 weeks we’ll be able to have a version ready for beta testing.

Here’s an early peek at how KeeFox 1.4 will appear inside the new Firefox interface:


You can see a less pretty screenshot, more information about how the button will work and learn how you can contribute your suggestions or graphical design experience on this github issue. Otherwise, just hang tight and keep an eye out for these changes to reach your browser in a few months or so.

* Pending the usual Mozilla review process

Article categories: [development keefox news]
Published on: 7 March 2014