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KeeFox has a privacy policy

In anticipation of some changes to Firefox that are coming in 2014 and as part of a wider effort to improve the KeeFox add-on, KeeFox 1.3 will collect anonymous system statistics and optional anonymous usage statistics about the way that users interact with the add-on.

No private data will be collected at any time - things like the URLs you visit and the contents of your password database entries will never be collected. Since the data is anonymous, there will be no way for it to be linked back to you.

Although the collection of this data does not impact on your privacy, I have created a privacy policy to help explain what is being sent from KeeFox so that connections to a KeeFox server do not cause any undue concern.

Examples of usage data include things like:
1) A menu item was clicked
2) A KeePass database containing 199 passwords was opened
3) An option was modified

Basic information about the system KeeFox is running on will be sent each time your browser starts but all usage statistics can be disabled if you prefer.

The full text of the privacy policy can be seen at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/keefox/privacy/ and you can find out more about the collection of this data at https://github.com/luckyrat/KeeFox/wiki/en-%7C-Metrics-collection

KeeFox 1.3 is currently available on the beta testing (development) channel so we hope that it will be able to pass through the usual Mozilla Firefox review process within a couple of months.

Article categories: [keefox news stats]
Published on: 26 January 2014