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Firefox 3.x support ending

While I want KeeFox to support as many Firefox versions as possible, there does come a point where the security risks and development limitations mean it is not practical to continue supporting older versions of Firefox.

Therefore from KeeFox version 1.1 onwards, only Firefox 4.0 and higher will be supported.

If you’re in the minority that still use Firefox 3.x please plan an upgrade within the next month in order to ensure you can keep up to date with the latest KeeFox version.

Although I will try to support versions of Firefox earlier than the current version (13 at the time of writing) it is always going to be easier to support the latest version. The list below states the versions of Firefox that KeeFox will support from now on. The list is in priority order (so those users running versions lower down the list may sometimes experience slower responses and fixes).

1) The latest two stable versions of Firefox
2) The latest extended support release (ESR) version of Firefox (released roughly once a year)
3) The remaining stable versions since the current ESR
4) The latest Firefox Beta
5) The latest Aurora build (the version before beta)

Many older versions will continue to work and we’ll not block the use of KeeFox on other versions of Firefox until specific security threats or functionality limitations arise. However, for the best security you should adhere to Mozilla’s stricter upgrade advice wherever possible (i.e. only use either the latest stable version or the ESR version).

For example, at the time of writing KeeFox is supported on these Firefox versions in priority order:

1) 12 and 13
2) 10
3) 11
4) 14
5) 15

All other versions down to Firefox 4.0 should also work perfectly at the moment.

I’ll add this information to the manual in due course.

Article categories: [keefox news]
Published on: 1 July 2012