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Win an Android tablet

Over 150 KeeFox users have already written a review of KeeFox and I’m sure some of you are in that group. I’m very grateful for the encouragement and kind comments that often accompany the the reviews.

Mozilla (the organisation that makes Firefox) are running a competition to encourage you to write a review of your favourite add-on (up to three per person). The prize is an Android tablet so if you haven’t yet written a 5-star review of KeeFox, now could be a great time to do it!

If you’ve already submitted a review, you can still enter it into the competition. Bear in mind that the content of the review matters so you might want to submit an updated review in order to increase your chances of winning.

The deadline is in two weeks. Full details and step by step instructions are available on the Mozilla add-ons blog:
http://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2012/04/2 … nce-to-win-one-of-three-android-tablets/

Please remember that you can get in touch using the support forum to comment or suggest improvements so if you have something to say that might benefit from a reply please post it on the forum instead of (or as well as) in an add-on review. I try to keep on top of comments and questions in reviews but sometimes I just don’t see them.

Article categories: [keefox news]
Published on: 9 June 2012