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KeeFox 0.9.4 released

Version 0.9.4 has been added to the Mozilla add-ons site so you should receive an automatic update in due course.

This version works with KeePass 2.18. It also adds a new message display service aimed primarily at new users (but which I hope to extend to delivery of important security notifications in the future). 

There are a number of other changes too: fixing some bugs, improving the translations for some languages and making some fairly invisible improvements.

Full list of changes:

  • Works with KeePass 2.18 (and installs it by default for new users)
  • .NET installer is now .NET 4 (Client Profile)
  • Firefox addon messaging service (FAMS) added to help new users with handy tips, other important messages and potentially future security notifications - see https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/keefox/wiki/Manual/Technical%20architecture/FAMS for more details
  • Fixed bug that caused old style HTTP realm data, priority selection and alternative URL data to be lost under some circumstances during migration to the current advanced string formatting scheme
  • Users of FF4 and above can now setup KeeFox automatically even if they have non-latin characters in their profile path
  • Fixes #116 (bad regexp in any entry breaks keefox) - KeeFox no longer breaks and also notifies the user of the problematic regular expression
  • Locales updated
  • .NET framework detection considered successful if 2 or 4 installed (also should work on x64 FF builds now)
  • New version of Jayrock libraries added; modified to work in .NET 4 Client Profile
  • Projects/solution source code upgraded to run on VS2010
  • other minor changes

Article categories: [keefox release releases news]
Published on: 4 February 2012