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Translating KeeFox

KeeFox is now ready for an international audience with translations into non-English languages. Incomplete Swedish and Russian translations are available in version 0.9 but complete versions have already been submitted ready for the version 0.9.1 release, along with Chinese (Simplified).

It will be great if we can increase the number of translations over the next few weeks so that version 0.9.1 can be understood by as many people as possible. If you (or anyone you know) are willing to contribute to the translation of KeeFox into other languages please register on Babelzilla and follow the simple instructions they provide.

The KeeFox section on Babelzilla
KeeFox thread on the Babelzilla Discussion forum (please direct all translation related queries here)

Note that there is currently no way to modify the text of the KeePassRPC plugin. If anyone has any time to implement a suitable localisation system for KeePass PLGX plugins I’m sure it will be appreciated by many KeePass plugin authors. I’m thinking maybe a seperate plugin or patch for KeePass that allows runtime modification of strings; it would be good if PLGX compilation were not a requirement for translators. Please post any further thoughts or offers of help in the main KeeFox forum or KeePass forum (depending on how specific your comment or solution is).

Article categories: [news]
Published on: 18 August 2011