KeeFox 0.9 Release candidate available

You can now download version 0.9b from the development channel at

Users already subscribed to the development channel (i.e. running 0.8.22b at the moment) will be upgraded automatically.

You can easily swap back to 0.8.21 if you find a problem with 0.9 so please try it out and post in the forum if you do find any new issues.

Assuming a successful beta testing period, this version will be rolled out to all 0.8.21 users in a couple of weeks.

This version is suitable for widespread use but may still contain a few bugs.

This version has a few improvements to the features added in 0.8.22, updates the default version of KeePass to 2.16 and adds the first two (incomplete) translations:

  • Swedish
  • Russian

The previously unannounced version 0.8.22 also changes:

  • FIXED: Editing passwords with KeePassRPC GUI sometimes showed an empty password
  • Master key entry dialog focuses correctly on all versions of Windows (most of the time)
  • Improved form filling for some types of form

Note that earlier versions of Firefox 6 had a bug which prevented KeeFox from working. FF6b3+ should work fine, as should Firefox 7a*.

A full record of changes is available in the changelog as usual:

Before releasing version 1.0 I will improve documentation / help, add as many translations as possible and of course fix any bugs that I can.

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Published on: 2 August 2011