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KeeFox 0.9 Release candidate available

You can now download version 0.9b from the development channel at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/keefox/

Users already subscribed to the development channel (i.e. running 0.8.22b at the moment) will be upgraded automatically.

You can easily swap back to 0.8.21 if you find a problem with 0.9 so please try it out and post in the forum if you do find any new issues.

Assuming a successful beta testing period, this version will be rolled out to all 0.8.21 users in a couple of weeks.

This version is suitable for widespread use but may still contain a few bugs.

This version has a few improvements to the features added in 0.8.22, updates the default version of KeePass to 2.16 and adds the first two (incomplete) translations:

  • Swedish
  • Russian

The previously unannounced version 0.8.22 also changes:

  • FIXED: Editing passwords with KeePassRPC GUI sometimes showed an empty password
  • Master key entry dialog focuses correctly on all versions of Windows (most of the time)
  • Improved form filling for some types of form

Note that earlier versions of Firefox 6 had a bug which prevented KeeFox from working. FF6b3+ should work fine, as should Firefox 7a*.

A full record of changes is available in the changelog as usual: http://keefox.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/keefox/trunk/Firefox%20addon/CHANGELOG.txt

Before releasing version 1.0 I will improve documentation / help, add as many translations as possible and of course fix any bugs that I can.

Article categories: [development keefox release releases news]
Published on: 2 August 2011