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Getting started tutorial improved

The interactive tutorial at http://tutorial.keefox.org has been upgraded. Please complete it if you’re unsure about any KeeFox features, particularly before asking for help in the forum. These are the main improvements since the initial tutorial was launched:

  • Added some troubleshooting tips on the first page
  • Created a demonstration of customising KeeFox auto-fill and auto-submit behaviour per entry
  • Added an example of recording a non-text field (specifically, a radio button)
  • Uploaded some new and updated screenshots
  • The last two steps have been marked as “advanced” - they are still useful for some people but probably not as important as the first 4 steps.
  • Streamlined the path through the 6 steps
  • Clearer form layouts

Please use KeeFox version 0.8.20 or higher to complete the tutorial. Earlier ones will probably work but that’s not been tested.

Article categories: [help keefox news tutorial]
Published on: 22 May 2011