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KeeFox 0.8.12 experimental version released

This new version is a release candidate candidate. Please help to test it so that I do not have to say that too many times!

KeeFox is now “feature complete” as far as version 1.0 is concerned - there are still many features I want to add later in the year but for the next few months I will be concentrating on fixing bugs and ensuring that the documentation and help resources are up to scratch before the release of version 1.0. There may still be the occasional new feature but only if it’s a low-risk with a high benefit to the “average” user. Further details on future releases with new features will follow in the coming months but in the mean time please help me test this version so that I can have confidence in its suitability for a final release and hence get started on the “post 1.0” feature requests as soon as possible.

Key changes in this release (since 0.8.10) are:

  • HTTP Auth dialogs now prompt to save passwords
  • A few other HTTP Auth dialog improvements
  • Setup process displays a warning to close KeePass if an existing KeePass installation is detected on the PC
  • A few improvements to the insert process of KeeFox sample entries
  • Improvements to the detection of which form fields should be filled in with which bits of KeePass data
  • Fixed: older “Alternative URLs” did not always appear in the “URLs” tab in the “edit entry” KeePass entry tab
  • Improvement to detection of matching entries: hostname matching is now case-insensitive

Article categories: [development keefox news release releases snapshot]
Published on: 5 April 2011