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KeeFox 0.8.10 released

A new KeeFox version 0.8.10 is now available on the main download page. This is still beta quality but I think it’s close to a release candidate so please speak up if you find any problems. Top 10 highlights since 0.8.4 include:

  • Support for Firefox 4
  • New “KeeFox” tab in the KeePass “edit group” and “edit entry” dialogs, giving easy access to features such as:
    • Multiple matching URLs
    • Custom form field editing
    • Auto-fill and auto-submit override options
  • Entries can now be edited from the right-click / context menu on the matched login menu / button
  • The KeeFox options panel has been re-written to include options that were previously hidden and clarify the purpose of some options
  • You can now choose to save entries straight into a sub-group or “Never for this site”
  • Improved detection of the “best” entry to use and the “best” form to put the entry into
  • “monitor[ing] each web page for new forms” no longer causes a “flashing” effect on the toolbar
  • A new “location manager” and an ability to set different home groups for different locations via the “edit group” KeePass feature
  • HTTP Auth improvements (now uses the “realm” to improve auto-fill/submit accuracy and adds a tooltip showing the entry title)
  • You decide! There are scores of other changes so maybe your favourite improvement, new feature or bug fix deserves the #10 spot?

Download KeeFox 0.8.10

NB: Version 0.8.10 contains one fix since the experimental 0.8.8: Multiple “additional URLs” no longer cause an entry to be ignored.

Article categories: [keefox news release releases]
Published on: 22 March 2011