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KeeFox 0.8.8 experimental version released

Here’s another experimental version for your enjoyment.

This one has several new features and some important bug fixes and improvements to existing features. Please upgrade if you’re running an experimental version at the moment; I hope to release this as a final beta version before Firefox 4 is officially released (a couple of weeks?) so all feedback can help me judge whether that is a good idea or not!

Highlights of this release are:

  • Fixed: Auto-submit on HTTP Auth dialogs no longer closes the parent window (often closing Firefox as a result)
  • Fixed: “monitor[ing] each web page for new forms” no longer causes a “flashing” effect on the toolbar
  • Changing options no longer requires a restart of Firefox
  • KeePass entry dialog editor KeeFox tab is now split into three sub-tabs to make it less cramped
  • Improvements to the handling of locations: a new location manager and the ability to set different home groups for different locations via the “edit group” KeePass feature
  • Improved detection of the “best” password when multiple entries exist for the same domain
  • More complete list of matched logins on pages with matches in more than one frame
  • Improvements to the installer including: no longer overwriting KeePass with the bundled version when manually setting the KeePass location
  • HTTP Auth improvements (now uses the “realm” to improve auto-fill/submit accuracy and adds a tooltip showing the entry title)

Article categories: [development keefox news release releases snapshot]
Published on: 10 March 2011