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KeeFox 0.8.7 experimental version released

A new experimental version, 0.8.7, has just been uploaded to http://keefox.org/download/experimental-version

This version adds several new features, fixes a few bugs and improves support for Firefox 4. Highlights include:

  • The options panel has been re-written to include options that were previously hidden and clarify the purpose of some options. Note that some options will not change until Firefox has been restarted!
  • You can now choose to save entries straight into a sub-group
  • You can now choose to save entries ‘Never for this site’
  • Filling or submitting by clicking on a matched login will now find the “best” form rather than just the first it finds with a password field

Known issues

  • Some options are not changed until Firefox is restarted.
  • The “monitor each web page for new forms” option can cause strange “flashing” behaviour on the matched login toolbar button.

As usual, I’m keen to hear how well this new version works for you before I consider promoting the release to the main download page.

Article categories: [keefox development news release releases snapshot]
Published on: 27 February 2011