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Test versions now available

The download page now contains a link to the very latest add-on XPI. As I warn on the page itself, this will often be untested and may not be as stable as the latest official version. At time of writing, the latest official version is still 0.7 (beta) but 0.71 is available for download if you’re brave enough.

The test version will be updated occasionally, usually when new features are ready for testing or bugs have been fixed but not every change to the development version of KeeFox will be packaged in this way and not every change to this XPI will be assigned a new version number.

Some new test version releases will be announced on this website, usually when an important bug affecting the latest official version has been fixed or a major piece of new functionality is ready for testing.

If you want to stay even more up to date, try looking at the Trac activity timeline. It’s possible to customise it using the checkboxes on the right so you see only those updates you’re interested in and then you can subscribe to the RSS feed to stay abreast of KeeFox development.

Version 0.71 should fix intermittent problems with toolbar button layout and a black background on the logins menu as well as improving the accuracy of the “advanced form detection” option and the manually operated “detect forms” menu button.

Article categories: [keefox news]
Published on: 1 November 2010