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KeeFox 0.8.4 beta released

This version includes several new features but the main benefit is a stability improvement - some users have reported that earlier versions of KeeFox can cause to Firefox to crash so after identifying a likely fix for the issue I wanted to push this new beta onto the main download page, despite there being a few rough edges. I think it works well enough to be a worthwhile upgrade until I have more time to work on features like Firefox 4 support.

“Beta” means that this release is ready for wider testing by advanced KeePass users or other people with reasonable technical skills. While the majority of major features are complete, there are a number of important usability features that are unfinished and this may lead to confusion for less experienced users. I hope that KeeFox is simple enough that you will get by without documentation but I do intend to provide some before the 1.0 release and you can of course post your queries or comments in the forum.

Download KeeFox 0.8.4 here

If you identify a missing feature or possible bug, please search the tracker before beginning a discussion in the forum.

All offers to help with items on the tracker are welcome. I would prefer it if we could concentrate on the items slated for the 0.9 and 1.0 release but that’s not a strict rule so just get in touch if you think you can help in any way. Some features may be dependant on other tasks being completed first (this is less likely for 0.9 and 1.0 features).

All changes since 0.7 can be found in the changelog

Article categories: [keefox news release releases]
Published on: 16 October 2010