KeeFox 0.7.7 released

A new experimental development snapshot has recently been uploaded. If we can’t find too many serious problems compared to version 0.7 then this should become version 0.8 in a week or two.

Some (of many) improvements since 0.7.3 include extra security layers, password generation from within Firefox, a “getting started” tutorial (needs special entries in your password database), logins listed alphabetically and NTLM dialog autofill support.

Most of those features were available in 0.7.6 (released a couple of months ago); 0.7.7 also has all the improvements since 0.7 including lots of options to fine tune KeeFox behaviour with specific entries (albeit mostly through “advanced” strings rather than a pretty user interface, which will hopefully be coming in an experimental version soon after 0.8).

If you’re comfortable with experimental software and can spare some time to test it out, that would be very helpful. Please see the new experimental download page for important upgrade instructions and a summary of any known issues.

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Published on: 18 July 2010