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KeePassRPC plugin

KeePassRPC provides a remote access interface for KeePass Password Safe 2. There is currently no official release but you can view the source code in the KeeFox repository. The most interesting files are:

  • DataExchangeModel.cs
  • KeePassRPCService.cs
  • KeePassRPCServer.cs

I’ll publish an more in depth introduction to those files soon.

The RPC system is an implementation of JSON-RPC; this is a simple protocol and probably does not support every possible desired feature but clients are easy to implement and libraries already exist for most programming languages.

Communication with the RPC server is currently via direct unencrypted TCP socket connections only. In future, I intend to add support for TLS encrypted sockets. It would also be possible to add a HTTPS server or even an alternative RPC protocol with the same API (e.g. XML web services). Although I think that a single plugin with a standardised API would be beneficial for KeePass plugin developers and users, we would need to avoid adding too many alternative access methods - a couple of protocols and a couple of transport mechanisms are probably OK though?

The API will experience minimal changes over the next few months because I need it to remain stable in order to ensure that version 1.0 of KeeFox can be released with well-tested components. As the release of KeeFox version 1.0 approaches, I intend to branch the development of KeePassRPC so that an improved version 2 API can be produced, hopefully with input from other developers interested in communicating with KeePass Password Safe. If requested, I may be able to produce this branch fairly soon.

In any event, I’d like to discuss what you might change about the API. What would you like to see? Is there any part that could be made simpler? What about user-interaction? Many parts of the API can trigger interaction with the user, is that a sustainable approach for a remotely accessible API or must we aim for a non-interactive service?

KeePassRPC is written in C# and utilises the JayRock libraries. It should run with the .NET Framework version 2.0 and higher as well as Mono, although thorough testing currently occurs only with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

Article categories: [KeePassRPC]
Published on: 24 March 2010