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New development snapshot - Version 0.7.3

Version 0.7.3 is ready for testing by anyone feeling brave enough. Grab it from the “very latest” link towards the bottom of the download page.

This version includes the bug fixes from version 0.7.1 and adds these new features:

  • Allow opt-in/opt-out on an entry-by-entry basis for auto-fill and auto-submit
  • New option to turn password save prompts off entirely
  • New KeeFox Options Menu added to KeePass, including an option to not save the KeePass database automatically
  • Right-clicking on a group in KeePass now offers the ability to restrict KeeFox to only entries within that group and its sub-groups (setting the option on the root group will reset it to default behaviour)
  • Entries can be given priority weightings (use this feature to better manage sites where more than one matching entry is found)
  • Entries without URLs are no longer displayed on the Logins toolbar menu

Understanding how to use some of these new features will require reading about advanced strings.

Article categories: [keefox news]
Published on: 29 January 2010